The Company

Who We Are

zuChem is a leading producer of unique sugars for human health and nutrition. The Company’s mission is to revolutionize the field of glycobiology and carbohydrate chemistry through innovative processes to manufacture valuable nutritional and pharmaceutical chemicals.

What We Do

zuChem develops proprietary process technology to manufacture important food ingredients, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical carbohydrates. The zuChem approach combines unique bioprocess and chemical technologies to make valuable glycochemicals that are either expensive, impractical, or impossible to make by traditional methods. zuChem researchers have a proven track record in developing and implementing scalable, industrial quality processes. zuChem offers a number of products and services:.

zuChem offers a number of products and services:

  1. Natural Nutritionals.
    zuChem has developed proprietary natural processes to manufacture a variety of nutritionals such as polyols (mannitol and xylitol) and Human Milk Oligosaccharides.  zuChem licenses these processes to third party manufacturers.
  2. zuCarb™ Rare and Activated Sugars and Carbohydrates.
    zuChem sells many rare sugars as off-the-shelf reagents for pharmaceutical research applications.  These include L-sugars, phosphorylated sugars, activated sugars and others. zuChem can provide most of its reagents in  quantities ranging from kilo- to ton-scale for clinical and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.
  3. Bioprocess Development Services.
    zuChem carries out process development services for strategic partners interested in using green technology to make a variety of renewable Bioproducts including:

    • Value-Added Bio-Based Products.  New strategies for producing bio-products from a wide variety of existing or anticipated waste/co-product streams.
    • Biorefinery Co-Products.  Engineer processes to make value-added co-products in applications such as bioEnergy, biorefineries, etc.
    • Rare and Modified Sugars.  Custom synthesis of rare and modified sugars for pharmaceutical applications.
    • A Wide Range of Other Carbohydrate Products.  Manipulation of carbohydrate pathways can lead to robust fermentations and bioprocesses to make a wide range of alternative sweeteners and other specialty products.
Coming soon – zuChem’s KidsSweetTM sweetener!