Food and Ag Nutritional Products

zuChem’s advanced carbohydrate technology platform allows it to develop proprietary sustainable manufacturing methods for a variety of food and nutritional products. Examples include the polyol bioprocesses described below now being commercialized globally and available for license to third party manufacturing partners. The Company also carries out custom bioprocess development work using its technology platform for its customers.

Sugar polyols (sugar alcohols) are a class of specialty sweeteners typically produced from natural raw materials, often by chemical hydrogenation. The demand for these sweeteners is on the rise because of their unique health properties and growing demand in products such as gum and other sugar-free confectionery products. zuChem is ready to meet that rising demand with an fermentative approach that produces natural product from abundant, renewable feedstocks.


  • Mannitol is about 50% as sweet as sucrose and has a desirable cooling effect, often used to mask bitter tastes.  Mannitol is used in hard and soft candies, flavored jam and jelly spreads, confections and frostings, chewing gum and cough drops. The proprietary zuChem bioprocess was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and produces mannitol from an inexpensive mix of glucose and fructose. The process is FDA-approved, has been tested at pilot scale, and is now ready for commercialization.

Download information on zuChem’s mannitol partnering opportunity.


  • Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar polyol present in small amounts in fruits and vegetables. It’s sweetening property matches that of sucrose, but with one-third less calories. It has a number of applications as sugar substitute for food processing industry including use as a diabetic sweetener. Xylitol can prevent dental cavities, making it the best nutritive sugar substitute for mouthwashes and toothpaste. Xylitol produces of cooling sensation in mouth and this property makes it desirable in certain food products, especially beverages and gums.
  • zuChem’s proprietary bioprocess to make xylitol was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the University of Illinois, and the Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation. This process effectively produces xylitol at high yields from hemicellulose waste streams from a variety of agricultural and forestry feedstocks (corn, sugar cane bagasse, hard and softwoods, etc). The process is currently in pilot scale and is available for license. The Company is also in the process of releasing its KidSweet™ brand of xylitol for children’s dental care applications.

Download information on zuChem’s xylitol partnering opportunity.


Custom Process Development

Utilizing its carbohydtrate technology platform, zuChem works collaboratively with strategic partners to produce efficient, scalable bioprocesses for production of products of interest. For more information see Custom Process Development.