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zucarbRare/modified sugars, phosphorylated sugars, activated sugars

Pharmaceutical products that incorporate glycochemicals have tremendous therapeutic potential. However, pharmaceutical research with glycochemicals has been limited, at least in part, due to the fact that rare and modified glycochemical building blocks needed to research and manufacture these new drug candidates is difficult and expensive. zuChem’s proprietary technologies and uniquely experienced staff can provide many of these rare sugars as you need them and can develop the technologies and process to create one-of-a-kind solutions for you.

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Custom Oligosaccharides

Human Milk Oligosaccharides

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are complex glycans that have a core of lactose (glucose-galactose) with various combinations of galactose, fucose, N-acetylgalactosamine, and sialic acid assembled to make an oligosaccharide 2-35 sugars long. HMOs are thought to be important as prebiotics, promoting the development of beneficial bacteria in the infant gut through metabolic, trophic and protective effects and protecting against pathogen infection by acting as a decoy for pathogen receptors. zuChem has technologies that enable the cost effective production of some of the key HMOs present in mother’s milk. zuChem also has technologies that allow the cost effective assemble of complex glycans.

Therapeutic Oligosaccharides

Oligosaccharides are key components involved in many cellular processes and also serve as attachment sites for bacteria and viruses for entry into the cell. Both natural and synthetic oligosaccharides have been proposed to have beneficial therapeutic properties in a number of applications. Unfortunately these oligosaccharides have previously been difficult or impossible to obtain using traditional chemistry. The zuChem technology platform allows production of many of these important molecules. Some examples currently available include globotriose, globotetraose, and others or custom manufacturing of oligosaccharides can be carried out.

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