Zuchem Expands Rare Sugar Product Offerings

Chicago, IL (September 9, 2013) – zuChem, Inc., an innovative supplier of glycochemicals and other specialized sugars for the pharmaceutical, food and related industries, today announced the expansion of its zuCarbTM products catalog. This catalog expansion is part of zuChem’s commitment to meeting increasing demand for rare and modified sugars, and the reagents necessary for their use in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry applications. New products available include rare sugars such as l-galactose, as well as sugar phosphates including β-l-glucose-1-phosphate, α-d-galactose-1-phosphate and β-l-xylose-1-phosphate. Additional new products available include a variety of activated sugars, available on a custom order basis.

zuChem scientists will also be presenting technical updates on continuing product development programs at the 246th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in Indianapolis from September 8 – 12, 2013. Dr. Leila Aminova will present a paper entitled “Production and scale-up of oligosaccharides using an engineered enzyme system”, and Dr. Micah Shepherd will be presenting “Engineered Escherichia coli for the production of TDP-deoxysugars” in the ACS Carbohydrate Division session being held on September 10, 2013. Both papers highlight recent advances by zuChem scientists towards providing innovative biosynthetic methods to solve supply challenges for rare and expensive carbohydrate building blocks.

For more information on zuChem’s zuCarbTM product offerings, including an updated 2013 catalog, and custom synthesis services, please email or call (312) 997-2150.

About zuChem, Inc.

zuChem, based in Chicago, Illinois, is focused on commercializing innovative manufacturing processes to provide unique glycochemicals (varieties of specialized sugars) for the pharmaceutical, food and specialty chemicals industries. The company provides both “off-the-shelf” availability and custom synthesis of a wide variety of molecules, including rare l-sugar derivatives and other unusual glycochemicals. The company’s fully staffed research facilities, located in Peoria, Illinois, are equipped for small molecule glycosylation, microbial fermentation, biotransformation, as well as other focused services. More information is available at or by calling (312) 997-2150.