zuChem Introduces New zuCarb™ Product Line

Chicago, IL (March 26, 2007). zuChem Inc., an innovative supplier of glycochemicals and specialized sugars for the pharmaceutical, food and related industries, today announced the launch of its new zuCarb™ product line of rare and modified glycochemicals produced using its proprietary bioprocess technology. This new product offering is aimed at providing a large and motivated research market with a cost-effective source of glycochemical building blocks for drug discovery and development.

“Pharmaceutical products that incorporate glycochemicals have tremendous therapeutic potential; however, only a small number of natural glycochemicals are available as starting research materials and synthetic glycochemicals are expensive and rarely available,” said David Demirjian, president of zuChem. “Our new zuCarb™ product line makes these novel pharmaceutical building blocks readily available, at economically viable prices.”

The first products offered in the zuCarb™ line include research reagent quantities of L-ribose, L-ribulose, L-xylulose and D-xylulose with additional reagents becoming available throughout 2007. In addition, L-ribose is available in kilo or larger scale on a custom order basis.

zuChem also provides custom synthesis of a wide variety of molecules, including rare L-sugars and other unusual glycochemicals. The company’s fully staffed research facilities, located in Peoria, Illinois, are equipped for: small molecule glycosylation, microbial fermentation, biotransformation, and standard synthetic chemistry as well as other focused services.

For more information on zuChem’s zuCarb products and its custom synthesis services, please email or call (312) 997-2150.

zuChem Inc., headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, focuses on commercializing innovative manufacturing processes for unique glycochemicals (varieties of specialized sugars) for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries. Glycochemicals are key components of many antibiotics, anticancer and antiviral drugs as well as many specialty food ingredients. Please visit for more information.